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  1. Car tech of interest.
  2. So is the White House inconsistent or biased? Or is there another narrative?
  3. What is this “poor in spirit” thing.
  4. Slavery or taxation in a barter economy?
  5. Progress of progressivism? Or consequences of Ms Delsol’s Unlearned Lessons.
  6. Perhaps further context is required … after all Mr Biden might have continued by noting that “… and neither, of course, do we.” But I tend to doubt it.
  7. Speaking of progressivism … future medical mandates?
  8. A few interesting moments might be spend considering the nature of intelligent life on that planet, eh?
  9. TARP and expense, or hide the cost.
  10. Short answer … no.
  11. No problem? Does this mean a new war/wag-the-dog is planned for the late summer?
  12. Grist for the conversation going on right now in the comment trail on women and men and their power struggle.
  13. Iran and demographics.
  14. Speaking of demographics.
  15. Some verse.
  16. I don’t think the term “McCarthyism” makes a bit of sense in that context. McCarthy and the red scare was about painting with little evidence members of industry and government as “red” and banning them thereby from their position and place work. What parallel is pretended?
  17. Of States and immigration.
  18. Ten! Just ten and they’re “on track?” On track for what?
  19. Training priests and/on abortion.
  20. Liberal vs conservatives and one measure of tolerance.

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