1. I think Origen noted that feature in Scripture just a few years earlier (that is the idea that there are “blue parakeet verses”, which cause you to stumble so that you might pay closer attention).
  2. Faith and unbelief … from a modern Saint.
  3. A new novel and the battle between liberal and conservative Catholics.
  4. Plans of mice, men, and God.
  5. A sticking point in the torture debate.
  6. Considering autism … more here. All of this skirts the important question of how to love your neighbor especially when your neighbor is disordered.
  7. Those touting the marginal benefits of universal health insurance … are innumerate? (one might also recall that there are 15,000 late term abortions per year of which over half are not for reasons of health of mother or child).
  8. Egypt and Darfur.
  9. Roman catacombs in Bethlehem.
  10. Timing issues at the Globe.
  11. Praising that cup of joe.
  12. What passes for logic on the left … remains however “high test hokum.”
  13. Churches talk on high level backchannels.
  14. Two books recommended.
  15. Odd phrasing in the context of the flu.
  16. Turkey is touted as the prime example of a secular Muslim state … but is there a better example?
  17. A beautiful bride … and the meaning of marriage and mortality.

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