Good talk talk talk day, eh?

  1. Apparently there is a filibuster going on … approval here.
  2. Droney lawers discuss as well.
  3. More grist for the drone conversationsWoops.
  4. So, why do liberals trust Obama with the power to kill whomever for whatever reason. Trust. Why trust? Beats me. Ask a lib.
  5. In a discussion on phone regulations … this was firmly denied. Alas, data seems to indicate otherwise.
  6. A book to lead you back to the garden.
  7. So, why oh, why did Obama cut what he did for the sequester? He cut aid to babies … and here’s why. His goal is government growth, nothing more, nothing less.
  8. Wait wait, what day is it tomorrow? Oh, my.
  9. Statistics and bunnies.
  10. Talking Turkey, not turkey.
  11. Think about this too hard out loud and you’ll be accused of racism.
  12. The first word is the most important. Happy is good. Remember that.
  13. Snort. Don’t click through with anything in your mouth. You were warned.
  14. Grist for talking about evil, ethics, and such. Did Josef think he was acting unethically or not? Or did he follow an ethical code with which you happen to disagree strongly?

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