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  1. So what are the Supremes up to?
  2. Massachusetts lawmakers have no clue. If you can’t imagine how teenage kids might abuse that law … your ignorance is historic.
  3. On the Pontiff’s retirement.
  4. Heroism noted.
  5. A critic of statistics not noticing that many of the new gun laws proposed also call out rifles so the statistics is apter than he pretends, cf “assault” rifle bans which don’t actually ban assault rifles which are already illegal but just ordinary semi-automatic rifles. Reminder to Mr Darrel, an actual assault rifle as defined is an automatic (not semi-automatic) carbine.
  6. Playing with automatic translator fixed points.
  7. Absolute legal immunity? Sounds like a recipe for abuse, kind of like giving free reign to young teenagers in showers and bathrooms.
  8. History and the “Great White Fleet.”
  9. More details on the kill list mechanicsSimilarities to this are of course accidental.
  10. Sequestration and the TSA … whose “cuts” amount to a 11% increase in budget. Wow. Radical deep horrible cuts. Not.
  11. Remember the promises the President made about lobbying and money? One wonders about the silence of the lambs on the left?
  12. Crises and Church considered.
  13. A view from the sidelines on the GOP sequester thinking. I would add to #1 that “massively wasteful” is missing the point, it’s massive spending on things outside of what the government’s purview that is the problem. Healthcare for example, is not a thing the federal government has a call to address at all.

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