Good morning.

  1. An interesting variant on “you didn’t build that” (or those?).
  2. That diversity trump card.
  3. Syria.
  4. The evil ellipsis.
  5. Hmmm.
  6. Give an inch, a mile taken.
  7. A truly amazing bird-whacker.
  8. High security … or not.
  9. Distaff and tandoori.
  10. About those assault rifles, whatever they are. Does “assault” as an adjective mean gas powered semi-auto?
  11. OK, so it’s been 10 years. So kill it already.
  12. Wonder if there’s a market for that over here?
  13. Johnny, err, Mr Krugman can’t read.
  14. Smacking the most hated tech firm.
  15. A much needed rant.
  16. Apparently the person commenting on “bad tactics/strategy” missed the whole “you’re suicidal” scenes.
  17. Mr Romney’s humor.
  18. Kafka-esque, what government aspires to be.
  19. Secret and safe.

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