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  1. Some parting thoughts on the Derb kerfuffle. I’d add that the observation that “white on black” crime gets national attention but the “black on white” (and the missed “black on “black” and “white on white” crime)  gets no notice at all.
  2. Illegal trade practices and eBooks.
  3. Intolerance will not be tolerated” … one wonders how people who say things like that survive the cognitive dissonance.
  4. Feminist? (big house, big dog and a shotgun).
  5. 3-d printing of a different sort.
  6. Press reports a Romney claim as “Mostly False”, misses the “Completely True” reality.
  7. Romney and a prediction regarding the “winning back” the GOP perspective.
  8. Oh, please, he’s already Peter Principled.
  9. Flight … or? So what power would you want?
  10. A book noted.

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