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  1. Some history.
  2. Assault weapons for which the left wants no state controls.
  3. Heh.  Oh, and heh.
  4. Not noticing that Texas gun violence is lower than Chicago’s, which has some of the most stringent gun laws in the country.
  5. Slipping off the White House talking points.
  6. The oldest (working) computer.
  7. Better than gun control, gun advice.
  8. Obama’s shower bully and race.
  9. ’cause Mr Biden thinks a double-ought 10 gauge pump action would have done lots lots less damage in Sandy Hook.
  10. Apparently all you have to do is change the name of your gun to be legal if you’re a manufacturer.
  11. And … an assault weapon ban and Sandy Hook? No effect at all. No such weapon was used. Oops.
  12. “He can see the other side” … does anyone have smidge of evidence to back that up? Or is just like the “he’s really smart” … with no evidence claim?
  13. Graft is profitable. Always has been.
  14. More State stupidity.
  15. On a statement made at the inaugural address.
  16. Inclusion.

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