Good morning.

  1. Confused about the nature of religion, worship is public and communal.
  2. Speaking of confused, one school is quite so.
  3. Mandates.
  4. (not) acting alone.
  5. Cultural movement, regress or progress (or even sustainable)?
  6. A boy to note.
  7. Drunk drivings vs suicides.
  8. Noting silliness on the gun control front.
  9. Lies of 2012, some of the more notable noted.
  10. At this point … does it matter (if we were shown to be inexperienced stupid boobs), well maybe maybe not, but shouting doesn’t prove anything?
  11. For those who reject, … uhm, genetics.
  12. Der Speigel and climate change.
  13. The “assault weapon ban” and Sandy Hook.

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