Good morning

  1. 25 years ago.
  2. More damage … to be honest I plan to but have not yet listened to this … I’m thinking this might be grist for our ongoing drone discussion.
  3. A big black wall.
  4. Some more context for that.
  5. Looking forward to another world war, perhaps?
  6. Lakes and photography.
  7. Seriously though, I think a more important factor would be the man’s wife and children.
  8. Yikes.
  9. Single payer.
  10. You may josh at this ad campaign, but we bought one.
  11. The end is (not so very) nigh.
  12. Art and the infant.
  13. Our system of government described. I said I wouldn’t link any election related material for the remainder of the week. I don’t think that counts, do you?

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