Well, one day back after two weeks off … prior to heading out for a big big job tomorrow left little time for much of anything.

  1. First, what isn’t a surprise, here and here.
  2. Disarmament … consequences to follow.
  3. Not disarmament, for the gun control debate.
  4. Post Newton, remember the noise and nonsense over AR-15s and the Bushmaster rifle? Woops.
  5. What gun control buys you. That and a dollar will buy you … well what little a dollar will buy you.
  6. Patience and charity.
  7. Time porn.
  8. Linking two variables.
  9. The geniuses at the TSA.
  10. Rape.
  11. Is this rape? Perhaps not legally … but morally I think it may be.
  12. Maths and theology.
  13. Well, for myself, that objection is just plain stupid. Those $3-6 day “sweatshops” are often the best jobs in town.
  14. Following the money.

And, over the break I saw a complaint about Mr Obama spending very little time this family on vacation. No, I’m not normally one to defend Mr Obama, but … he has two teenage daughters. Two teenage daughters. ’nuff said.

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