Good morning.

  1. Somebody apparently hasn’t noticed that the Democrats too haven’t offered any substantial cuts.
  2. “Napalm in the morning” in the movie was a good thing
  3. Vindication for Bush and Blair.
  4. Well, quagmire seems to be the plan going in.
  5. Biden on Libya.
  6. Recovery and Japan.
  7. The Democrats are allergic to that notion, you know being the party of the people and all … they want to make sure no sorts get in the halls of power. After all, it’s the basis for much of their Palin allergy.
  8. Law and consequence.
  9. For myself, I don’t get the anti-trust part of the complaint. There are many choices out there.
  10. Dragons and markets.
  11. A word for today.
  12. For … openers.
  13. A prediction for Libya.
  14. An interesting folktale.

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