Good morning.

  1. It almost sounds like someone has never heard of the charity vultures.
  2. Oh me, oh my.
  3. Somebody hasn’t understood Grand Torino.
  4. Hysterical cycles. Very heavy fog on the ride in this morning by the way.
  5. If you subsidize something you get more of it. Somebody somewhere will explain why making it easier to freeload on our healthcare industry will get less people to free load on the same. Kinda like the whole increasing demand without increasing supply will make it all cheaper.
  6. Or that part time labor is better than full time. Gosh, it’s all good. 1984 here we come.
  7. On liturgy.
  8. I have no idea what the word “lastaviglie” means, but “honey … don’t worry it won’t hurt your dishes and we won’t have road grease on our plates” is probably not the right translation.
  9. Or it’s because cricket races are crap on a stick.
  10. Market confidence.
  11. Some advice for Friday shoppers. Actually I heard at lunch a really good piece of advice, if you know what’s going to be on sale (and you think it will/might sell out) buy it today and go in to get the price correction only on Friday.
  12. Actually I’d go further, ignoring professional incompetence on account of race is not moral cowardice, it’s racism pure and simple.
  13. This makes no sense to me, Tyndale a religious book publisher gets the waiver … but others do not. It’s incomprehensible.
  14. The Rubio earth/age kerfuffle … well I didn’t get any time to make my own estimates … a co-worker offered that Mr Rubio should have asked the reporter what he thought the decay time of the neutron was, and when he got a huh? in response, should have said, well I don’t know either, how about we both talk about policy and politics instead of appeal to exterior authorities about stuff neither of us really has a clue about.
  15. Another guy who has no clue about what he’s talking about.
  16. Democrats against freedom.
  17. Syria.

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