Good morning.

  1. When you’ve lost the AP … hmm. (wokring AP link here)
  2. Candles and the CO2 crowd.
  3. Eight points … likely the views on which separate left and right.
  4. Libya and Iraq.
  5. Some advice before the speech (on Libya involvement). I’d offer as well the general observation that limited military engagement for humantarian purposes isn’t humanitarian. By limiting the engagement you extend the conflict … increasing loss of life and suffering not deminishing it. 
  6. The tsunami and its power.
  7. Sunday of the Cross (last Sunday in the Orthodox Lenten cycle) viewed in a variety of ethnic churches.
  8. Calling the would-be intellectual elite by their older name … Mandarin. That worked really really well in China didn’t it? Venality and corruption just vanished didn’t they? No? Oh, well.
  9. Krugman pulls the victim card.
  10. While the (left wing?) thugs win in Indiana.
  11. A car you won’t find in the US, the Democrats, nominally green, are more in the pocket of protectionist auto unions than not.

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