Slept in. Oops. Still at job site here in Sterling. Anyhow, another quick push for the morning.

  1. Another sort of race.
  2. Of taxes and offerings.
  3. Remember how Germany got rid of nuclear power and went to solar and wind. How’s that working out?
  4. Entrepreneurship in Iraq.
  5. I too cannot listen to prepared speeches, especially when interrupted every 10 seconds by applause. Bonus, a bit for the Palin fans.
  6. Not quite the Le Brea Tar Pits (translation: the the tar tar pits). But close.
  7. The auto-green interests and the two candidates.
  8. tight squeeze, helps to be boneless.
  9. A prize-winner and some of his work explained.
  10. More similarities than differences.
  11. question asked.
  12. Playing the game as insight into a person.
  13. Sometimes Japan is just weird.
  14. I bought the first book last night.
  15. TARP and a success story that wasn’t TARP-like.
  16. Just say no.
  17. Social welfare.

Gotta run. Have a good one!

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