1. Rewarding the wrong bunch.
  2. Viewing polarization and Congress.
  3. Of Che and Burke.
  4. Math is beautiful … and if you can’t take the class, this book (The Book of Numbers) might do in a pinch.
  5. Of tolerance.
  6. I think this is misleading and is being used dishonestly. A number of banks were forced against their will to take TARP money. They weren’t in distress and didn’t need or want it. Now they’ve paid it back. To not recall that in noting this is dishonest.
  7. Stories conservatives tell their children to scare them before bedtime.
  8. In other news, Mr Biden remains clueless, which I gather is his primary function.
  9. The MSM just noticed?
  10. Star Trek and Mr Obama.
  11. Watching Pakistan.
  12. Evangelism as abuse?
  13. Morton’s fork.
  14. Core strength training.
  15. A stumbling block for recovery.
  16. A translation project?
  17. Alas, the next kerfuffle … and this is probably not unrelated. People need thicker skins.
  18. Ikon and corner.
  19. A YA book recommended.

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