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  1. Obama’s town hall meetings from the right.
  2. Cell phones, women, and the third world.
  3. Words from the Elder Seraphim.
  4. A book noted.
  5. Photo-tech: dancing water.
  6. A different diet strategy.
  7. Strength training advice for endurance athletes.
  8. As Constitutional protections and amendments are discussed, I think penning this one into an Amendment might be a good idea (HT: Borepatch). For those naive enough to figure the Tea Party is “about racism” might pause to consider that probably such a notion would get almost unanimous support from the T-P supporters and would be one that protects minorities at that place where the rubber meets road (or truncheon meets flesh). 
  9. Real or photoshop? Does it matter?
  10. King David and guys in a deep hole.
  11. Good advice for the right.
  12. Support for my thesis concerning the left and the 10th Commandment. Specifically, “Most middle class Americans of my acquaintance would be much happier if they lived on a much less steeply-sloped income curve,” … and much of the middle class of my acquaintance would not … but I think that is because his acquaintance is almost certainly more left leaning than mine.

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