Good morning, double dose of links?

  1. When you choose to go to war, there is one outcome to seek (hint: win) (HT)
  2. book noted (two actually).
  3. Obamacare was to “bend the cost curve” … and guess what? It is, but there is a reason why the supporters of that act aren’t touting that fact.
  4. Uhm, ouch?
  5. One  really really good reason to go to liturgy (or else?).
  6. 1.6 per? Gosh.
  7. An interesting reflection on SSM and religious freedom.
  8. Oh, on the topic of religious freedom, will this man be a martyr or a confessor?
  9. A foreign policy question.
  10. Well, that might be interesting grist for the Google-as-monopoly charges … but Opera already compresses web pages for their mobile browser.
  11. Well, the tea-party=racists runs into the Cain Florida results.
  12. Well, there’s cool and then there’s Gandalfy cool.
  13. Liberty is an unstable equilibrium, and unlikely after much “Hulk smash” activity.
  14. Speaking of liberty.
  15. Zoom zoom.
  16. Well, 25 years ago, I recall remember reading a study that mice fed a diet BHT lived 30% longer. So eat your cereal boxes!
  17. Depends on the car buddy! For yesterday’s 350 miles of driving I got 87 mpg.
  18. The real unConstitutional part of Obamacare.
  19. Well, it’s likely the pilot got out OK.
  20. Somebody really really hates mutual funds.
  21. Vader meets teenage angst.

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