Good, err, day.

  1. For the Depends wearing vampire in your life.
  2. And speaking of Romania
  3. Halloween.
  4. Sad commentary.
  5. Ms Sebellius apparently thinks that one of the most heavily regulated industries is unregulated. What I wonder does she think a heavily regulated industry might look like? Or how she might describe an actually unregulated market.
  6. big atom.
  7. “Every good modeler” which I guess excludes the climate crowd and a lot of economists (at least who offer that the reason their model wasn’t followed was because in real life people acted irrationally).
  8. Apparently not all Democrats are willing to deny Obama’s “if you like it you can keep it” wasn’t a lie.
  9. Completely amazing. If you watch one thing on YouTube this week, make it this.
  10. Heh.
  11. I’ve described Obamacare as “moving around deck chairs on the Titanic” … here’s a similar analogy.
  12. Optimism.
  13. Cool.
  14. Celebrating the grease pen, for myself I prefer ink … except when on airplanes. Ink pens do bad things when cabin pressure changes.
  15. Bang tech.
  16. Getting closer to the next car I might buy. I’m looking for 3 digit mpg before I pull the trigger.
  17. College staff that needs to spend more time with simple arithmetic and expanding thirds as decimals.

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