Good morning.

  1. A reflection for the day.
  2. Using bad-faith charts to claim bad-faith seems, hypocritical at best.
  3. Knives on the bus … and I certainly hope its “allowed” I wear one of these everywhere I go (except on airplanes).
  4. Talking tea.
  5. Faith and illness.
  6. When he says “sexy”, I don’t think that word means what he seems to think it does. 😀
  7. Equality and defaults. A friend of mine asked his daughters if they would prefer having one get 4 cookies and the other 6 or both get 3. They preferred the latter, which makes little sense to me.
  8. Statistics and counterinsurgency.
  9. Drones.
  10. The economy and the last bubble.
  11. Nuclear power and things that block it.
  12. Billion?  Huh?
  13. No-fault divorce.

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