1. Our (apparently innumerate) President’s budget cuts.
  2. Genesis. Genealogy and charts.
  3. St. Cyril on Isaiah.
  4. Intrinsically Anti-Semitic theology noted.
  5. Kids and fire.
  6. Market (not gov’mint fiat).
  7. A doorknob.
  8. A return to the fold and the faith.
  9. Not liking The Shack so much.
  10. HRM for swimmers.
  11. Not liking Mr Obama … but still of the mind that Mr McCain would have been worse (and perhaps forgetting the benefits of gridlock regarding economic response).
  12. A quote on carbon.
  13. A thousand words on the prosperity gospel.
  14. Training and life.
  15. Faith and thought.
  16. Faith and divorce … three myths.
  17. Of God and Caesar.
  18. An impressive bedroom floor booklist.
  19. In my youth, B-school literary fancies ran to the Book of Five Rings today a more regrettable choice is apparently popular.
  20. Planned Parenthood covering more crime.
  21. Dance.

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