Day off yesterday, but work slammed in during the evening … and no workout no posting.

  1. By whose standard is “it crappy”. Not yours, theirs.
  2. Liberal bias and media.
  3. You won’t lose your doctor, oh, wait .. she did.
  4. Ms Ensler’s little play rebounds.
  5. Unregulated. Alas, there is no middle road. I’d suggest for all drugs and herbs, regulation and certification be voluntary. The cost of regulation would be countered by the sales perk of noting that you are regulated. I’d continue with a rejoinder that the typical FDA drug regulation level (the highest level of regulation) indemnify you from tort.
  6. My thought was “sounds like  a straw” .. which is probably not proper.
  7. Tightly and loosely coupled and stability.
  8. Guess I won’t be retiring to Alaska.
  9. Global warming increasing violent weather … which if true means we aren’t experiencing global warming.
  10. I do like her music.
  11. cricket race.
  12. So, do you want to terrify your wife or girlfriend.
  13. A book noted.
  14. The IRS thang resurfaces.
  15. Another book noted (which I bought and started reading). (HT)
  16. And I’m ashamed to say I’ve never seen this movie.
  17. Now there’s a plan … that hasn’t exactly considered elections.

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