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  1. Climate change, part of the problem with the AGW proponents, is that cold weather is never evidence of climate change, as it gets the response, “climate is not weather.” What’s the problem with that, well, the problem is that every example of warmer weather is in fact used as evidence for climate change.
  2. Not unrelated to the above.
  3. In fact, 25, oops, 15 year trends aren’t, apparently, significant either.
  4. An interesting data point.
  5. Chile, Haiti and the Chicago school.
  6. Of Cuba.
  7. GM vs Toyota and the government response to recall.
  8. If you need another reason why government shouldn’t be involved at all in healthcare.
  9. That defence is an indictment.
  10. Mech art, very cool.
  11. For those who key on Ms Palin.
  12. Tactics and praise. And aside: I played a little ASL when I was younger, enough to realize how very cool it was. I never got very good at it however.

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