1. As Lent approaches … a fast practised by the Chaldean/Assyrian, Ethiopian, and Coptic churches that I’d not known about … the Ninevite fast.
  2. After all that … Russia is indifferent.
  3. An economics paper noted.
  4. A econ question.
  5. A book noted … another here.
  6. How to teach and study ethics.
  7. The hard left and militant Islam … a match not made in heaven.
  8. The SOTU address discussed. A valid point on that here.
  9. Foolish zeal and St. Ephrem.
  10. All that spending … did what? A fat lot of nothing.
  11. Well, all the kerfuffle about Obama/Alito tells me only that people need thicker skins. Heck guns have been discharged in the halls before. Now, people apparently care about “mouthing ‘no'”. Geesh. And alas, Mr Obama had it wrong factually … not that it matters. Some more remarks from the center, which oddly enough is being ignored by the left. One more from Ms McArdle.
  12. A list which the left wants us to slip further down.

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