1. On progressives and civil liberties … (blogger was down when I linked this but that should be temporary).
  2. And the Keynsians are plugging for more and bigger stimuli. Reconsidering their hypothesis, is not an option apparently.
  3. One bike in Le Tour … and a 40s style gal.
  4. A judge and jury and healthcare.
  5. I think he’s wrong too. You tell how much “more religious” a person is by how much of their time and self they devote to the same.
  6. Obama, walking circles in Moscow … where Mr Obama rings the Quayle-o-meter … and not the usualĀ  reception?
  7. A call for “clear alternative visions”, something oddly enough the left never did during the Bush tenure.
  8. Gay culture and Ms Palin.
  9. Some history of usury.
  10. Unfortunate slip of Mr Krugman’s.
  11. What passes for standards in the beltway.
  12. The fantastic in film for the remainder of 2009.
  13. We can hope.

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