1. Nerfing life … a long time project of the progressives alas runs aground when incentive is considered, here’s another example.
  2. Is it climate or weather?
  3. Some responses noted in the SI reporter kerfuffle.
  4. Angels, pins, dancing, and why it matters.
  5. Via Cafe Hayek, a book review by Easterly of Rationality in Economics. And for that matter I didn’t know Mr Easterly had a blog … which is now in my RSS feed list.
  6. Consequences of heresy discussed.
  7. A search engine to bookmark, lyricrat.
  8. Power and congress.
  9. The rising price of oil … a book.
  10. Patriarch Kirill goes to the Ukraine.
  11. A debate on prostitution.
  12. An ethical RFC. RFCs (Request for Comment) are how most of the early Internet was documented and specified. How does FTP work? Answer: read the RFC.
  13. Graphing anti-abortion violence.
  14. End of life in Obamacareland.

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