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  1. Dignity and value of human life ontological not a constituent property, e.g., you are “human” if you posses particular virtues and not if you don’t.  This is the central basis for anti-abortion ethics. If you resist that notion, read Ms Delsol’s book on those forgotten 20th century lessons.
  2. My daughter, now a senior, very much was saddened that “woods 3” was dropped because of lack of interest at her school.
  3. Political squabbles.
  4. A book.
  5. Except that it’s not true. Watch “The Island”, asceticism is a virtue and don’t you forget it.
  6. Thick and thin thinking.
  7. The criminal set thanks you for identifying the vulnerable for future rapes, home invasions, and other mayhem.
  8. The real reason for not-disarmament. And another reason.
  9. Ms Biel was quite funny.
  10. And I’ll leave y’all in the mud.

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