1. Scotland, the Buckfast scourge (?), and monks.
  2. Islam and Christian relations in the 19th century (one example).
  3. I’ve been in the Huxley “camp” for some time, how about you?
  4. Waiting for NSS, which one expects will be more fruitful than Godot (in that it will eventually come).
  5. Tax on tax.
  6. Ant-walking alligators … a ghastly notion.
  7. Weep.
  8. Standards for girls.
  9. Sueussian rhyme.
  10. Min wage and employment (and some remarks on UI too).
  11. On a need for statemen, I think right now however left and right have a very different idea of what an ideal statesmen might be, the left looking more for a super-policy-wonk and the right for a Lincoln or Washington (a person with integrity and vision).
  12. I’ve a question for anyone who thinks this is problematic … what would be your reaction to a secular (say FSM) “Easter egg” in a similar situation.

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