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  1. I linked to a google anti-trust discussion a while back, here’s more grist for that mill.
  2. So, would you be more likely to hire a person from a vanilla liberal arts college or someone from this one?
  3. Two years ago, a class (not the NSA/CIA) predicted where OBL would be found
  4. Mr Obama backtraks on yet another stupid idea.
  5. Philosophy and Islam.
  6. The Obama bounce.
  7. Yah! That’s my question too. Kit? That’s an interesting notion.
  8. So. Question. Do they know that is wrong to say that? If not, why not? If so, isn’t that perjury?
  9. Talking about the inactivity/activity thang in the Obamacare court challenge. More here.
  10. Liberals apparently, can’t understand English. Yes, we know homo sapiens are in the Kingdom animalia. The question remains is whether within that kingdom “man and animal” is normally understood to mean “homo sapiens” and “not homo sapiens”. For anybody but kindergarden lawyers it is.
  11. Putting to the point crux of the entitlement debate.
  12. So. Imagine the reaction if Bush had said the same thing. Observe the reaction to Mr Obama’s statement. So, you can drop the pretence that the media is not biased.

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