Wednesday already. Imagine that.

  1. Situation or tribe?
  2. Missing the threat part, i.e., “because if you don’t people might get hurt.”
  3. Raising kids and threats to their safety.
  4. Added Vitamin D?
  5. To fixie or not fixie.
  6. Almost vegan wine.
  7. Ironic, eh?
  8. Fortunately use has more than one meaning.
  9. Moving on to the substance instead of the hand-wringing phase regarding Mr Romney’s remarks.
  10. Now here’s something to work with, I’m going to try write a bit on that tonight and come up with a series of my questions.
  11. Probability and number theory.
  12. Mr Obama continues the “its unfair when you do it” ignoring the we do it to part.
  13. Of free speech and speech codes and … actions.
  14. Caption this, err, these.
  15. Someone forgets in 1945 we were producing a major carrier every 6 weeks and a small one once per week. How long would it take to ramp up to that or could we even approach that again?

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