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  1. NY Time op-ed favors ignoring equal protection (“parts of the Constitution he doesn’t like”) … kinda like ignoring “felony crimes for high capacity magazines” if you’re a wealthy member of the press but not if you’re a regular schmo, eh?
  2. Advice for living the Christian life.
  3. Voting and “powerful indicators”.
  4. Media bias once more … or if you’re thinking the media isn’t as biased … produce a similar list with counter-examples (or just one).
  5. Contra the classical liberal and libertarian, a speech.
  6. This is not unrelated.
  7. An example of a politically motivated definition … the assault rifle.
  8. The big charity problem.
  9. A cure for addiction?
  10. book noted.
  11. Well, yes of course. Our “ruling class are swine”, but that forgets that basically we are all swine.
  12. Obama wants to halt the murder of school-age children, so he’s stopping the drone campaign? Or not.
  13. The deficit, just click the link linked.
  14. Snow sculptures.
  15. Violence in America … meet’s Mark Twain and his “lies, damned lies and statistics” quote.

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