Woo hoo! Another week.

  1. Rehabilitating the term servant.
  2. Is outrage?
  3. An interesting line of thought,  which brought this notion to me. Performance enhancing drugs keep you awake, make you stronger, make you more alert. How about a drug that made you more ethical? What would that feel like? Be like? Would it be illegal?
  4. Considering Cinderella (HT: Miss Minerva)
  5. Swap in motion.
  6. Tool time meets the wheelchair.
  7. OK, we’ve seen everywhere that Mr Romney paid just over 14% in taxes … did you see just as widely that he gave just under 30% to charity? We have deductions for charity via itemization … how’d that figure in to the 14%? Why is that not mentioned? Could it be media bias?
  8. Speaking of media bias
  9. Adaptation and learning.
  10. The world’s best dad in pictures.
  11. I’m struggling to make sense of this point of view. Let’s review, a Coptic Christian ex-pat disgruntled by intolerance in his homeland makes a home-made film, which is used as a proxy to spur more violence … and an ad putting forth the point of view that religious intolerance should not be tolerated. So, is the ad censuring both sides?
  12. Because they’re stupid and/or misguided and/or evil? You pick.

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