Good morning.

  1. Ya throw like a gurl … with diagrams.
  2. A feminist lesbian who didn’t get the memo that homosexuality is not a choice.
  3. Slurp.
  4. A little pro-google humor.
  5. Pedagogy with a bang.
  6. Elementary math.
  7. For the conservative fence sitters.
  8. A little conservation on the range.
  9. At the end of the day (not the end of days).
  10. For the teacher who perhaps unintentionally labels himself and his students as diseases.
  11. Consider the drone, actually I think mass bombings of populations in WWII were later shown to have the wrong effect, i.e., they hardened not softened the will of the people. What is the psychological effect of drone attacks vs guided manned planes vs infantry?
  12. OOh, Ms Warren tries the Dukakis tank picture opportunity, which worked so so well. I wonder if she can double clutch? Actually, I’m certain she can’t. What I really wonder is if she knows what that means.
  13. Bad wrapping around to good.

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