Good morning.

  1. Ms Warren continues to dig. She should, perhaps, stick to unverifiable claims.
  2. So … is obesogenic a real word?
  3. The good rabbi says the Bible is entirely fiction (and he’s right).
  4. In which principles based means paradox based. Wrong “P” word, eh?
  5. Highlighting some problems with climate science.
  6. Non-statist left … a null set.
  7. There’s a theme there, but I think you have to watch it a few times to catch it.
  8. Bread.
  9. Fast. So, voluntary dangerous games? Good, bad, indifferent?
  10. I’m missing something here, how does creating a pro-Romney political ad “damage” the reputation of FOX in a way that the same thing done by the NYTimes creating pro-Obama ads does not damage theirs?
  11. An opportunity for magnanimity and grace on the part of the President … we’re watching.
  12. OK then. Or just put that in this barrel.

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