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  1. Grist for the solipsist.
  2. Well there you go, the “best case (straw man) argument against gay marriage is unsustainable.” Who’d have thought that straw man arguments were so weak.
  3. Why the “H” sound in Greek is just a diacritical mark at the start of the word.
  4. The real question is why liberals self label as the “reality based party”.
  5. A first question here … try this experiment. Go to a gym with a heavy bag. Start punching. See how much and how hard you have to punch … until you get a quarter inch cut on your knuckles. Then consider that bag was man and the damage you just did to it. Now … requite for me how you can figure the laceration on his hands were trivial.
  6. Don’t try this at home.
  7. Headscarves.
  8. Well, you are correct, you are not supposed to say that. Uhm, so don’t.
  9. Almost solipsism. Let’s see, what might “agnostic about the existence of the world” mean? Solipsism would be the akin to “atheism over existence” what then is agnosticism?
  10. Mr Scalzi started this, I’d have thought “Feminist Philospher’s” would see the problem, but they didn’t. Here’s a hint … the problem is equating winning/success with money and power and not with happiness.
  11. “I don’t know” is often followed by “but I can google.”
  12. “What I said” … in contrast with our President who has the advantage of having said the opposite as well.
  13. I’m unclear on why the disgust. Isn’t that just a chance for testing and witness?
  14. The quicksand’s viscosity just lowered for Ms Warren, see here and here.
  15. Dating with a bucket of sand with fleas.
  16. A song to finish.

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