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  1. Well, students of politics (not theology), might point out that is obvious, central and government power has been steadily on the rise again since, well, Rome fell (further reading: Bertrand de Jouvenel “On Power“, which is a good book if you prefer the sort that encourages you to stop every page or so and ponder what you’ve just read).
  2. It is, admittedly, easier to see other’s blind spots than your own.
  3. Dead man walking perhaps not so dead.
  4. Storage hints.
  5. Interesting, but translate that to the beltway and BS …. yikes.
  6. Talking virtue again.
  7. Not a neo-nazi skinhead.
  8. Lessons from the liberal press on how not to retract.
  9. When putting a blog post “unclear on the concept” normally one should try to refer to something other than yourself. To whit “more likely” has very little to the running of one experiment. When I roll a die, I am more likely to roll a number of spots greater than 2 than I am a number less than or equal to two. That I did roll a die and get a one (and therefore have 100% chance I did roll a 1 is not relevant to the prior probability estimate). Mr Schilling, it is alas, you who are unclear on the concept.
  10. Evil witches.

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