1. Well, Ms Paglia ruffled the ‘sphere, but signifying … what?
  2. Incentives essentialnot essential. Hint: the former is right, knuckleheads on the Administration notwithstanding.
  3. Nose surgery patterns.
  4. That green jobs fella.
  5. Has anyone defended Mr Obama’s Honduras policy?
  6. For the Muslim in Egypt.
  7. A book reviewed, the 10,000 year explosion.
  8. Hmmm. That should help Congress tank their popularity even more.
  9. A problem for Mr Obama’s credibility. Why would anyone believe anything that man says any longer? Has he done anything at all that he said he would if it wasn’t also to his advantage?
  10. Problems with the public option.
  11. This brings to mind my favorite frog saying, “Eat a live frog first thing every morning, it will be the worst thing all day for both of you.”
  12. Watching the top court.
  13. A new site for media bias analysis.
  14. Literature … one for the ages.
  15. Imagine that, going into politics for personal greed and aggrandizement.

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