Good morning.

  1. Tone deaf to Christian humor.
  2. A book (pre-order) suggestion.
  3. Uncertainty, the Administration’s on-going contribution to the recession.
  4. Cry Uncle.
  5. Let’s see, climate “deniers” are like racists as Mr Gore is like what?
  6. Hybrid wars.
  7. Soc Sec as Ponzi … and before you scoff.
  8. Dissecting vs enjoying literature.
  9. Now that’s how you answer a history test question.
  10. Some really shallow analysis by a alleged academic.  Apparently reading the work and perhaps checking the actual academic papers is too much to ask for those with free and easy access to academic libraries.
  11. A little whipping as incentives in track and field.
  12. Getting the obvious right.
  13. When noting the “grass is always greener on the other side”, sometimes, the grass is, err, actually greener.

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