Good morning.

  1. We had some discussions of teachers … and pay. It doesn’t seem to me they not highly paid.
  2. More on St. Nicholas in the context of the Cordoba mosque.
  3. A car that says “I am a geek” in all caps. Or is it a nerd?
  4. A defense of theology from an outsider.
  5. A photo contest.
  6. Cold war -> Hot War?
  7. More Muslims against “the” mosque.
  8. Hockey stick and climate … and you can follow links to the original paper, in which I thought one of the unfortunate (for climate scientists) is the remark that little to no contributions have been garnered from the statistical academic community w.r.t. this matter.
  9. Have kids.
  10. To get up to speed on Austrian economics.
  11. Noting the ephemeral future of the gay population

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