1. Market watch on carbon credits.
  2. Some middle of the road observations on Obama’s health address.
  3. And finally, from a libertarian.
  4. And some from the right.
  5. A reporter fails to use some highly technical research tools, i.e., google.
  6. Eve-teasing, India and bloggers.
  7. Protests and response in Minsk. (note I used google translate Russian -> English)
  8. And a student address in Michigan from 1988 recalled. (note I used google translate Russian -> English here too)
  9. Looking at prosecutorial abuse.
  10. half full/empty and cinema.
  11. Education and psychology.
  12. On the elimination of waste and fraud as a gambit.
  13. Moscow and Kyiv.
  14. Sir Thomas and Mr Kennedy.
  15. Abiogenic oil, the significance of which would imply that there might exist large untapped (deeper) oil reserves.
  16. Two explanations for economists recent failures.
  17. Mr Carter notices an ACORN expose.
  18. The “short arm” of the law.

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