Good morning.

  1. Career choices in the UK.
  2. Genocides.
  3. No. Charity does not imply a power hierarchy.
  4. Enforced charity however, does incur disgruntlement.
  5. Three more for St. Patrick’s day, here (a defence) and here (some history) and here (Irish jokes).
  6. Eucharist and confession.
  7. Some economic indicators … including “attractive wait staff.”
  8. When you start off by misreading … going from there means straw men are afoot.
  9. HUD for the rest of us.
  10. Russian elections.
  11. Hitler and Pakistan.a
  12. Gooder English.
  13. Fer the kiddies … or not.
  14. Next comes Evagrius, then Cassian … then swim in the Bosphorus? 😉

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