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  1. Two books to note, one from here on a mix of faith and humor from Moscow.
  2. And for fans of Sewer, Gas and Electric … Matt Ruff has a new book. So get it and read it.
  3. About that “worst case” Iran  straw man scenario.
  4. When you believe spending and income need not match … and people get too used to sucking on the government teat.
  5. Either they (requiring viewing ultrasounds and requiring Catholic hospitals provide free contraception) are both totalitarian or neither are.
  6. Speaking of which, an atheist libertarian is not impressed.
  7. Speaking of that topic, Mr Obama’s so-called compromise. Frankly, calling that a compromise is an outright lie.
  8. Also see this pdf, on this topic you’ll see the left whacking lots of straw men in this kerfuffle. That pdf links to some actual arguments, which alas you will not see mentioned by any Congressional or White House defense of their policy.
  9. Al Qaeda merger.
  10. Suicide and legality.
  11. Of big “O” and calculus.
  12. To avoid spoilage? Hmm. One recipe for great bacon is to take frozen bacon, fry it directly without thawing on a very low heat for a long time until crisp. It will melt in your mouth (hint: this is a good thing taste-wise).
  13. Bike tricks (done by the bike not so much by the rider).
  14. Waterboarding and Mr Washington.
  15. Are the tea party and ows the nucleus of something that will emerge in decades?
  16. Lots of links to this, Himalayan non-warming.
  17. Our future in adventures in state medicine.
  18. Not likely.
  19. And it’s a bad thing.
  20. What is tradition? (hint: not just a song in Fiddler).

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