Good morning. My youngest daughter is leaving on a mission trip today, your prayers on her behalf would be appreciated.

  1. In which a tax break = government assistance … kinda like not being mugged in the inner city is positive race relations. Seems to me one should offer less foolish comparisons when deriding others as fools.
  2. A note on the debt discussions I haven’t seen repeated elsewhere.
  3. Guidlines for Catholic Charity, which I suppose anti-Catholic bigots will find objectionable, but I can’t see why or how.
  4. The danger posed by attractive women (to men).
  5. Dodd-Frank with more “help” like that the recovery will just zoom along … or not.
  6. Some words for freedom.
  7. Returning to that Black parenting issue raised by opponents of Ms Bachmann.
  8. Liberal spokespersons are just sooo genuinely friendly.
  9. Unsolicited advice for Mr Clemmons in his defense … don’t try that tact.
  10. So, the “compromise” the Dems have on the table? 2 billion in cuts 800 billion in new taxes. One what planet is that a compromise (hint: not Earth)?
  11. B&P on the debt here and here.
  12. Diversity watch-bunnies didn’t catch this one.


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