Well we’re all here. Sunny, salty, and slightly warm.

  1. Why move them now?
  2. Not … the great escape.
  3. Romney talks at the NCAAP, one take.
  4. But … gay marriage … that’s all that liberal/progressives want to talk about.
  5. Watching the meltdown.
  6. Zooooom.
  7. Guns and girls in Texas.
  8. Ooblick being studied (aka non-Newtonian fluids)
  9. Just in time.
  10. That’s not post-modern that’s pre-modern.
  11. Obama as socialist.
  12. book suggested, Mr Lewis on some somewhat familiar liturgical poems.
  13. Spinning your way out of jail.
  14. Moving some goalposts.
  15. Blood and coming of age and two films.
  16. modest proposal.
  17. Will he follow Gov. Walker’s lead?
  18. Pro-choice, choosing violence.

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