Good morning. We’ll try a comma, pause, comma edition.

  1. My youngest daughter starts driving this fall, so,  is this good advice or not?
  2. A problem of our time for, well, many.
  3. So would that poster/graphic work, perhaps, as the main thread of a graduation speech?
  4. Diaspora, and then, return.
  5. Here’s an interesting question, does your the meta-X work consistently with the micro-X and macro-X as exemplified here with ethics and political theory (and I couldn’t figure out how to transform that into comma, pause, comma … sorry). Note, that’s not specific tenents of micro/macro but the meta layer.
  6. While Congress wastes its time on college loan matters, surprise, they ignore arguably more important flaws within the secondary educational system.
  7. Remember how the liberal of so many stripes bemoaned certain language in political discourse after a certain shooting, well, will this be remarked?
  8. Tears don’t work, really its true, in Legislative bodies in a close vote.
  9. Slurp and Zaap!
  10. This didn’t turn out how I’d expect, really, not at all.
  11. Considering wages and minimums, and well, justice.
  12. The reality of the so called reality based party is, alas, based on lies.
  13. Mr Romney has shown himself to be very weak regarding his notions of foreign policy, however, so has his opponent.

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