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  1. Profiling.
  2. Just like AGW believers driving 10+ over the speed limit instead of 5 under … Gen-X has been brainwashed about green and energy from K-12 and beyond, but it doesn’t apply normative actions.
  3. On vacation, yesterday we visited this, today pictures of construction and assembly. US WWII manufacturing for the war was mind boggling.
  4. Out of the Black, a sci-fic book puts forth that “potty mouth” word usage is a sign of poor education and vocabulary. Do y’all concur?
  5. So women, stop on-line hacking … date nerds. Come on. Do your part.
  6. Hmm. Meta-links and I thought the problem with macro-economics is that in chem/physics equations measure relationships between independently measureable quantities, whereas in macro they are used to define new the variables.
  7. A whole lot of links and some remarks in response to Mr Obama’s anti-entrepreneurial remarks.
  8. So am I.
  9. My wife’s chrismation saint, icon and some background.
  10. We have a para-Olympics, how about hypodermic Olympics.
  11. How about a modest proposal, a fourth branch along with the courts to balance our out-of-control Executive and Legislative? An actuarial/financial branch with veto powers over unsupportable spending.
  12. Admits” … that he does what every other player does and has done since, well, the beginning of the sport.
  13. Philippine nationals and Syria.

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