Good morning.

  1. Google makes a political statement. Or is that religion? Or do they just not like to empower women?
  2. Putting the Obamacare decision in perspective.
  3. A real virus and horror fiction.
  4. I haven’t read either report, although it brings to mind an experiment. My prediction (untested so far) is that Mr Scalia’s remarks are about Constitutionality of Mr Obama’s actions and none of Mr Dionne’s objections are about Con-law. Am I right?
  5. Of oil pipelines and ancient Germanic gold.
  6. “zipper truck”.
  7. Philosophy imitates comics … that is to say this particular ethics question was kinda the point of Joss Whedon’s X-Men story arc.
  8. I really dislike the pretense of putting probabilities to judgements. You either think a thing is or it isn’t and you don’t do have any probabilistic metrics to apply.
  9. The creative class myth.
  10. Wood tube.
  11. Circumcision and Germans some thoughts. More musings here.
  12. A scientific funding proposal … so are you carbon/AGW supporters on board with that or not? It occurred to me that the atheists who by and large support AGW theory often use the argument “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” for God but not climate.
  13. Totalitarian walls don’t hold against culture forever.

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