Good morning.

  1. Church and Institutional dangers.
  2. Talking about the new Atheists.
  3. Bush and Obama … some thoughts.
  4. The last sentence is very cute.
  5. One conspiracy theory not holding water, details here and here.
  6. Praise for Mr Obama’s summit, the press not so much.
  7. Academia leaning left.
  8. Infection vs the mysterious.
  9. Innumeracy and the pundit. Compare collateral damage during WWII and the Iraq war … order of magnitude make a difference.
  10. Phenotypical differences between human cultural groups can have athletic or dietary consequences. To suggest cognitive consequences however is still right out.
  11. Greece.
  12. Tax day quotes.
  13. A demonstration of how not to support your point.
  14. Mr Beck is a fool.

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