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  1. An interesting question at the end.
  2. Somebody from South Carolina needs to get his facts straight. Taking a failing company and holding it for 8 years trying to give it a chance, is not corporate “rape.” Blaming someone for the eventual failure, which occurs two years after you leave … if the former is rape, what is this mis-characterization? Blood slander?
  3. So. Constitutional or just wrong?
  4. Why are people so adverse to noting that there are physiological differences between peoples that can have an impact on physical and mental performance.
  5. I wonder if this Bishop would be allergic to this Akathist service?
  6. Is the question here that you cannot base your meta-ethics on religion? Visit Mount Athos.
  7. Tragedy of the commons (ToC), if government was the solution to ToC then why do Communist countries have a worse problem with that than not.
  8. Free will.
  9. Oh, that’s just silly … nobody’s going to kill the President … Biden is his insurance plan. No assassin in his right mind wants that nitwit to have real power.
  10. Mr Obama goes after straw men on the campaign trail. If that were his only reason, then it wouldn’t make sense. If the predicate is false, of course the statement is true. Alas, it is also meaningless.
  11. Lunch for the Klingon.

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