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  1. A narrative of why the current President has continued so many policies of the former with which he allegedly strongly disagreed … this one claims he still disagrees but his hands are tied by the Constitution.
  2. Uncertainty primer.
  3. Methodist theology and the early Church Fathers.
  4. The end of the status quo in the US, might not be gradual.
  5. Which needs to confront this notion.
  6. Freedom and the left.
  7. Yah, they don’t watch FOX, they don’t actually listen to Mr Limbaugh … they just bang the echo chamber drum (whilst complaining about the right wing echo chamber and not noticing that they do the same thing).
  8. Logic.
  9. Arab Springly thinking.
  10. So, is he right? Would ABC run the alternative?
  11. A question for the Fluke/contraceptives-for-free supporters.
  12. A question about options and Iran.
  13. The kindness of strangers in flyover land.

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