1. Office rules, some years back.
  2. Echo.
  3. Mr Obama’s notions of bi-partisanship.
  4. Mr Obama’s promises.
  5. And a little “if Bush did” what Obama’s doing exercise.
  6. Joy and life.
  7. Intelligence reports in the UK.
  8. Al-Qaeda.
  9. Data loss.
  10. A feast tucked in the midst of a season of repentance.
  11. Or it might be just a failure of imagination? Take the wished for “third way” noted in that piece for the low impact lifestyle has to be imagined as better in tangible ways before people will really embrace it. On the other hand some have opted for the radical solution.
  12. Cops.
  13. Money for blogging?
  14. Does the left have no shame?
  15. One response of Mr Obama at South Bend.
  16. Amazing animal.
  17. Of sex and abstinence.
  18. So, for the pro-choice/pro-abortion crowd … explain your defense of the protest here?
  19. Of word and deed … and the Word.
  20. Heh.

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